I record my University of Guelph lectures for FARE1040, “Introduction to Environmental Economics, Law, and Policy”. You can find them all in a YouTube playlist here.


“Why Increasing Supply is the Only Solution to Toronto’s Housing Affordability Crisis.” True Condos Podcast. Listen.

“Rent Control and the Housing Debate.” Economics Detective Podcast. Listen.

“Intellectual Property as Limits on Property; Trade Secrets and Contracts.” Kinsella on Liberty Podcast. Listen or watch.

“50th Episode Special.” Economics Detective Radio. Listen.

“Icelandic Sovereign Money.” Economics Detective Radio. Listen.

“The Austrian Cult and Mathematical Economics.” Economics Detective Radio. Listen.


On The News Forum, discussing the effects of privatizing healthcare in Ontario. Watch on YouTube.

On Al-Jazeera English, discussing universal basic income guarantees. Watch on Youtube.


On December 7th, 2018, I recorded a segment on “Kitchener Today with Brian Bourke” on the economics of rent control. You can watch a video here.